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2014 Outdoor Rankings
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The US results on the US Rankings site are merged with the world rankings and the navigation should be seamless between the two sites. Those will be corrected during this week.  The entry deadline for US 2013 submissions was January 31st and 2014 Indoor was April 30th so US athletes should not add any 2014 Indoor or 2013 results now.  The entry deadline for US 2014 Indoor submissions is April 30th.

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Welcome to USATF Masters Rankings

Welcome to the USA Track and Field Masters Rankings website. This site is devoted to ranking Track and Field performances of US athletes over 30 years old. Athletes must be citizens of the United States of America to qualify.

When you click on a season from the select season menu above, you will be able to access the meet, athlete and age group links from the season you select. Most of the text and icons are links on these pages. Athletes` names, events and age groups will take you to listings for each of those.

Use the appropriate link below to submit your results:



Club, local college, USATF, Senior Games and all comer meets are available to masters. You can find some of these meets and entry criterion by contacting local clubs, colleges and meet hosts. National Senior Games meets can be found by researching through You can search the calendar on Much information can be found through including all-comer meets

Two other really helpful websites are: USA Masters and National Masters News.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I submit my results?
Click the SUBMIT RESULTS link and follow the instructions. Fill in the relevant boxes and click "submit" when you are done. Do NOT submit road race times!. These rankings are for track and field meets only! (Complete meet results in Hy-Tek file format are always welcome!)

If you want to submit results for an entire meet, choose one of the following:

(a) use the spreadsheet available under the Submit Results link
(b) email the website address to John Seto (see the Contact Us link) if the results are available on-line


2. What results qualify for the rankings?
Any result by a US citizen from any meet that is run in accordance with USATF rules. Results from road races, incorrectly sized or level tracks and sloped throwing areas are not allowed in the rankings.


3. If the results are published in National Masters News, do I still need to submit them?
Yes, just in case. Many results printed in National Masters News will be entered in the rankings. Some individual Senior Games, Senior Olympics and meet results will not be entered. If you want your results included in the rankings, you should submit them individually. Why? Because we need to know your exact age on the date of the competition in order to put you in the correct age group


4. If I see a meet included on the meet list, does that mean you have ALL the results for that meet?
Not neccesarily! Sometimes we have complete results for the meet, but sometimes we only have a few results from the meet. Sometimes we don't know the ages of all competitors so we import only those with definite ages. Check the rankings to see if your results have been included and if not, submit them individually so they can be added.


5. What does "h" next to a sprint time indicate?
This stands for "hand timed" (as opposed to automatic timed). Hand times for the sprint events (200m or less) are ranked in separate lists from the automatic times.


6. What about Racewalkers?
Racewalkers are compiled on another site ( by a volunteer racewalk rankings coordinator. To submit racewalk results contact Tom Higbie at


7. Will the rankings be published?
Yes, after the season is over, the lists will appear in National Masters News.


8. How long does it take for my results to be posted?
Individual submissions should appear instantly. Please let us know if they do not.

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