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Several prizes available

Athletes who attend the Sierra Gold Masters Track and Field Festival will experience a uniquely different masters' meet. Beginning with the fact that it is called a `Festival` and because athletes compete in the trees, under the lights creating an overall festive atmosphere. Additionally, athletes will also be able to see themselves on a 9'x16' video screen, solidifying our commitment to making this a unique experience. Our entire community will treat our masters athletes as celebrities and heroes. Beginning with the opening ceremonies, complete with Taiko Drummers, cheerleaders, and a Heroes' 4x100m Relay, honoring: police, firefighters, sheriff, search and rescue, highway patrol, and teachers. Just as these men and women are heroes, so too are the men and women athletes, who compete from ages 30 to 100. Masters athletes serve as shining examples to show everyone, that it is possible to be active at any age. We expect over 1,000 cheering spectators to celebrate masters as heroes. Our age-graded awards of gold plated silver dollars, Timex watches, subscriptions to National Masters News, and world class medals to every 5 year age group contribute to the uniqueness of our meet. Moreover, we are giving prize money of $1,000 for setting a World Record and $500 for achieving an American Record. Please come to Grass Valley, California and allow our community to show their appreciation for the heroes masters athletes truly are.

What:Sierra Gold Masters Track and Field Festival

Where: Grass Valley, CA, USA

When: May 20, 2017

Contact: Coach Clyde Lehman at (530) 470-8697 or coachclyde1@gmail.com

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Visit Toronto and all the exciting attractions.

Foreign athletes are most welcome to come to Toronto for the Ontario Masters or the Canadian Masters Championships. Duplicate medals are awarded to non-Canadians. The Indoor Championships are at the Toronto Track & Field Centre - the Ontario meet on February 26th and the Nationals on March 11th and 12th.

You can preview the venues of the World Masters Championships in 2020 by attending the Ontario Championships at Varsity Stadium on August 5-6, and then, four days later, the Nationals at the York Lions Stadium August 11-13. They are the two main venues for the Worlds. Four days won't be enough to visit all of the exciting attractions that Toronto has to offer. Check out the Toronto Visitor information on the WMAToronto2020 site

Meet entries are in Canadian dollars which has a very favorable exchange rate to many currencies. Register online on the Competitions Page. Non-Canadians should use the code 'USATF' where it asks for a 'Member ID'.

Where: Toronto, Canada

What:Ontario Masters Indoor Championships

When: February 26, 2017

What:Canadian Masters Championships

When: March 11 - March 12, 2017

What:Ontario Championships

When: August 5 - 6, 2017

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Association, Regional & National competitions welcome all athletes.

Many are not aware that USATF events are open to everyone, regardless of capabilities. Additionally, these events have tremendous camaraderie among athletes - a great experience. Competitors in USATF National, Regional and Association championships have ranged from the first time competitor trying to throw the hammer for the first time to the multiple World Record holder. Each competitor is welcome with open arms and often gains a friend or two while battling it out in the track or in the field. The best webpage containing consolidated links for these and more is: www.usatfmasters.org/calendar.htm

USATF Masters Regional Championships:

The US is broken into 7 regions, East, Southeast, Midwest, Mid-America, Southwest, West and Northwest, each having an outdoor championship. A great competitive and welcoming environment where competitors of any caliber can have a great time. Some are still in planning. Here are the 2017 scheduled championships (up-to-date information will be here):

What: USATF East Regional Championship

Where: Howard Community College, Columbia, MD 

When: June 24-25 (Register)

What: USATF Southeast Regional Championship

Where: University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL

When: May 20

What:USATF Midwest Regional Championship

Where: Carroll University, Waukesha, WI

When: June 25

What:USATF Mid-America Regional Championship

Where: Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO

When: August 26-27

What: USATF Southwest Regional Championship

Where: TBD

When: Likely the weekend of July 1-2

What: USATF West Regional Championship

Where / When: TBA 

What: USATF Northwest Regional Championship

Where: Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA

When: July 29

USATF Masters Championships:

What:USATF Masters Championships

Where: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

When: July 13-16, 2017

What: USATF Masters Combined Events Championship

Where: Slippery Rock, PA

When: June 24-25

What:USATF Throws Championships (on Facebook)

Where: Worcester, MA

When: August 5 - 6 (Register

USATF Association Championships:

USATF comprises 57 Associations. Championship formats vary so check on each association of interest for competition details.

Darwin, a totally unique part of AustraliaGo to top

Australian Masters Championships welcomes all Athletes (30 and up).

Missed competing in Perth? Competed in Perth and want another great competition in Australia? Whatever the draw, you can enjoy an excellent competition, Australian Masters Athletics Championships in a great part of the world. Darwin really comes alive at this time of year as everyone makes the most of the clear skies and heads outdoors. Relatively cool weather arrives in May. Day time maximum temperatures of around 29 - 32C coupled with low humidity are perfect for sightseeing. Cool evenings make the outdoor options all the more attractive, and overnight temperatures of 17 - 23C ensure a pleasant start to each day.

This is a great time to recline in a deckchair and watch a movie under the stars at the open-air Deckchair Cinema or watch the sunset over the Timore Sea after visiting the famous Mindil Beach Markets.

It is also the perfect time to explore the more remote areas of the region that can be off-limits during the wet.

What:Australian Masters Athletics Championships

Where: Darwin, NT Australia

When: 9th June to 12th June 2017

Registration:Online Registrations will close 1st May 2017

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Imagine standing on the medals podium and hearing your National Anthem

World Masters Athletics (WMA) is comprised of six regions, Africa, Asia, Europe, NCCWMA, Oceania and South America. Each region has championships (not necessarily contested each year) where athletes of all capabilities compete while representing their country. There is nothing like competing wearing your nation's team uniform. Very special watching athletes receive medals, just like the Olympics, on medal stands while the gold medalist's National Anthem is played. Most of the championships below welcome athletes from other regions.

2017 WMA Regional Championships:

What:WMA Africa Regional Championship

Where: Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

When: 25 - 27 August 2017 (Register)

What:20th Asia Masters Athletics Championships (AMA Championships)

Where: Jiangsu Rugao Olympic Centre, Rugao City, China

When: 24th - 28th September 2017

Dateline for submission of Entry is 23 June, 2017:Register

What:European Masters Athletics Championships Stadia

Where: Aarhus, Denmark

When: 27. July - 6. August 2017 (Register)

What:2017 North, Central and Caribbean World Masters Athletics Championship

Where:  Juarez, Mexico 

When: July 20-23

What:19th OMA Track & Field Championships

Where:  Dunedin, New Zealand

When: 20 January 2018 to 27 January 2018

What:XVIII Sudamericano de Atletismo Master

Where / When: que se anunciará

What:Championships in South America

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