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Who is, Inc.?, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to fostering international competition for people 30 years old and up. Donations to MastersRankings are tax deductable. Our website based competitions using performance lists to motivate people from 30 years to over 100 years old to be active and healthier. The site also has many features which enhance people's athletic experience and further motivate them to be active.

Our plan to expand the site and benefit many more people worldwide is going extremely well. We expanded to include all athletes worldwide in February 2014 and have achieved great things with 30% staffing and minimal funding. Our accomplishments demonstrate how effective and efficient we are plus how we achieve our goals within our plan. Our major accomplishments since February 2014 are obtaining 501(c)(3) approval from the IRS and becoming the official rankings site of World Masters Athletics, inserting performances (more in 18 months than from 2007 - 2013 with the same staffing), adding athletes from 197 nations, adding features, redesigning the system, website & database and much more. Your company's donation will be invested into the website which will result in dramatically increasing site visitors and listed athletes faster. Your company will only benefit more from this.

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 About this site:

This site is dedicated to serving Masters Athletes providing performance lists and many other features. There are 1,492,354 performances listed representing 200,051 athletes from 197 nations.

Lists on this site are progressive so athletes can see where they stand all year long. MastersRankings does not seek to replace any national ranking list - it will include those lists so World and WMA regional rankings lists are accurate and comprehensive.

It will take time to coordinate everything related to these lists. Visitors will see spikes in the number of performances listed as national federations and MastersRankings develop the protocols for posting national rankings lists within the World and WMA regional lists. A list will be labeled as final once we are confident that the top performers are listed.

 Pictures thanks Doug Smith, Ken Stone, Rob Jerome, Dave Albo, Tom Phillips, Frank Poulin, Craig Godwin, Robert McDaniels, Kip Hopson, Kelvin Watkins, Torrey Enoksen and Cristian Muñoz Loayza for all the fantastic pictures they provided.

 More to come! changes to meet the needs of Masters Athletes. Keep checking back to keep up with the evolution.