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This workbook was inspired by AZDT and refined with the help of AZDT, Twilight Throwers and Texas Throwers. Please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can make this better.

About the Throws Meet Workbook – More Than Scoring Pentathlons

This is an Excel workbook you can use to generate field sheets, calculate pentathlon scores, create meet results and insert results into MastersRankings. It is designed to quickly do each so you can keep making changes until you make things appear the way you want. The field sheets are set up to facilitate entry (everything lines up) as well as make officials’ job easier by only listing athletes throwing each implement and number of throws. You can easily start over or create a fresh template by clicking “Reset Workbook”.

Master Roster

This sheet can be used to keep all the throwers who typically throw at your meets so you do not need to enter their information again. New throwers entered here or on the Setup sheet are automatically added when you click “Reset Workbook”. You can save preferred competition information and seeding in the implements columns for pasting back into the Setup sheet (these are not pulled from the Setup tab).

Setup – Create Field Sheets and Meet Summary

Play with this. You can click Reset Workbook to start over so there is no harm in playing around. You can also keep making changes then clicking “Create Field Sheets & Meet Summary” to see what it does. It is unlikely that you can break it (this is not a challenge! Please let us know as much specifics as you can if you do – we will fix so it cannot happen again). The instructions on the first tab cover the basics. The field sheets will be created in less than 2 minutes for most meets (most will take less than a minute). Meets with 50+ throwers may take a little longer.

Setup – Create Results for Website

This button adds meet results and results for MastersRankings sheets to the workbook and gives separate sheets for each. Meet results are in a conventionally accepted format and can be saved as a PDF and posted on the web. MastersRankings formatted results can be directly uploaded onto the site and most, if not all, will be automatically inserted. Inserting results this way will make them available for National Masters News to publish.