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Départementaux Lancers 22 in Lamballe, FRA on 15 Jan
Throws Coach Florida - Atlantis Winter Throws 3 in Trenton, USA on 22 Jan
Nyíregyháza Nyílt Fedett Pályás Versenye 2022 in Nyíregyháza, HUN on 16 Jan
Championnats du Gard de Lancers Longs in Nimes, FRA on 16 Jan
Campionato Piemontese/Valdostano Pentathlon Lanci S35+ in Santhià (VC), ITA on 16 Jan
4eme Manche du Challenge des Lancers Longs in Bannalec, FRA on 22 Jan
oBBM: M/F/U18 & LM U16 4x200m in Berlin-Charlottenburg, GER on 15 Jan
Journee Lancers Longs Dijon Uc in Dijon, FRA on 22 Jan
2eme Réunion Qualificative de Lancers Longs in Lille, FRA on 23 Jan
Chpts 95 Lancers Longs in Pontoise, FRA on 15 Jan

Recent Results

Kelly Thalman (USA - W59) 17.07 - Javelin (500g)
Sandra Silva (POR - W46) 14:22.04 - 3000m Race Walk
Steen Hannestad (DEN - M50) 7.97 - 60 Meter
John Killick (GBR - M76) 34:06.9h - 5000m Race Walk
Franck Morel (FRA - M57) 18.73 - Discus (1.5kg)
Steve Wheatley (USA - M40) 5:58.0h - One Mile
Eric Lausberg (FRA - M57) 25.74 - Discus (1.5kg)
Erlend Skraastad (NOR - M46) 8.33 - 60 Meter
Roderick Powell (USA - M65) 1:34:15.0h - Half Marathon
Joseph Demeuter (BEL - M68) 16.30 - Javelin (600g)

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Compete in Hemispheres II!

11 September through 10 October

Click here to register through 10 October

Are you able to compete in live competitions? Awesome! Your performances at a live competition can count in the Challenge plus are competition for those who still cannot.

Cannot compete in live competitions or get to a track? You can participate by competing anywhere you can do it safely(like a road without traffic, a field or a tennis court).

Athletes are encouraged to make this special for themselves and other athletes around the world. For some, this will be the only chance to compete at an international competition. Bring your country’s flag, wear your national singlet, share on social media, or not, it is up to you.

This event is for all Masters Athletes (30 and over) who can find a safe place to compete. Ages for this Challenge are age on the day you compete so, you can compete in two age groups if it changes during the competition window.