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Recently Added Complete Competition Results:

Départementaux de Lancers L... in Avoine, FRA on 26 Nov
Avsl Round 5 - Ballarat in Ballarat, AUS on 18 Nov
Vinterspelen Glanshammars IF in Örebro, SWE on 18 Nov
SAMA Summer Competition - W... in Mile End, AUS on 22 Nov
MAWA Weekly Meet WAAS in Mt Claremont, AUS on 21 Nov
Act Masters Athletics in Canberra, AUS on 23 Nov
Epreuves Ouvertes de Lancers in Bernay, FRA on 25 Nov
Meeting des Lancers Longs in Pont l'Abbe, FRA on 19 Nov
MAWA Weekly Meet Ecac in Cannington, AUS on 16 Nov
MAWA Weekly Meet Ecac in Cannington, AUS on 23 Nov


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Individual Results Recently Added:

Mark Mumford (USA - M72) 3.43 - Long Jump
Courtney Cameron (CAN - W42) 12:07.70 - 3000 Meter
Steven Kast (USA - M58) 18:07.0h - 5000 Meter
Yasha Bobash (GBR - M35) 46.64 - Hammer (7.26kg)
Kate Hartman (USA - W45) 26.66 - Discus (1kg)
Steve Baldamus (CAN - M63) 8:40.6h - One Mile
Benjamin Jordan (AUS - M47) 1.55 - High Jump
Pavel Peňáz (CZE - M54) 49.30 - Discus (1.5kg)
Joseph Bachana (USA - M59) 25.26 - Discus (1.5kg)
Aaron Norton (AUS - M44) 21.20 - Discus (2kg)


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Age Grading & Combined Event Scoring

Age Grading is an adjustment for a performance (time, height or distance) based on age – the older you are, the bigger the adjustment. The adjustment, known as an Age Grade Factor, is multiplied by the performance to get an Age Graded Performance so all times, heights or distances for each event by athletes from 20 to over 100 years old can be compared to each other! The Age Graded Performance is the equivalent to what the athlete would have done when they were in their 20s.

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Meet the Athletes

Maryland (PG County), 44 years old, Masters T&F 100, 200, LJ, TJ, Potomac Valley Track Club

Dwayne Davis, USA - M46

Events & Results

Competes in: 100; 200; LJ; 60; TJ;

Best Age Graded Performances:

  • 75.30% in 60
  • 72.85% in 100
  • 71.98% in 100
  • 71.81% in 100
  • 71.55% in 100
  • 71.02% in 200
  • 70.97% in 200
  • 69.93% in 100
  • 69.93% in 200
  • 68.51% in 200

Athletes in this section are selected randomly from members who have posted a photo and / or input a bio. 

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