New Age Grades on This Site!

Many of you have noticed that Age Grades have changed on this site. That is because we are now using the most recent version of the WMA committee’s factors. Having updated Age Grades on this site facilitates the committee’s analysis. They are also much more accurate than previous versions so help us confirm performances listed on this site are valid. The Age Grade Factors will be effective 1 January 2023.

Age Grading is an adjustment for a performance (time, height or distance) based on age – the older you are, the bigger the adjustment. The adjustment, known as an Age Grade Factor, is multiplied by the performance to get an Age Graded Performance so all times, heights or distances for each event by athletes from 20 to over 100 years old can be compared to each other! The Age Graded Performance is the equivalent to what the athlete would have done when they were in their 20s.

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Meet the Athletes: Renard James, USA - M49

Recent Rankings Additions

Complete Competition Results

Vinterkast in Esbjerg, DEN on 21 Jan
SLB-Winterwurfmeisterschaften I in Rehlingen, GER on 28 Jan
VADov Miting v Dvorani in Ljubljana, SLO on 25 Jan
Pré Régionaux Lancer Long Zone Nord in Cognac, FRA on 22 Jan
Swindon Harriers Winter Throws Series in Swindon, GBR on 21 Jan
Cto Madrid Lanzamientos Largos Máster (Martillo y Jabalina) in Aluche, ESP on 28 Jan
Udendørs Kastetest in Greve, DEN on 21 Jan
Régionaux Lancers Longs Minimes et Masters in Orange, FRA on 21 Jan
Départementaux 21 Lancers Longs in Dijon, FRA on 21 Jan
Championnats Départementaux de Lancers Longs in Le Neubourg, FRA on 21 Jan

Recent Results

Daphne Scott (USA - W62) 30.96 - 200 Meter
Allan Mayfield (AUS - M73) 12:49.0h - 3000 Meter
Laurent Hassid (FRA - M61) 33.10 - Javelin (600g)
Peter Haack (USA - M48) 7.82 - 60 Meter
Garry Parker (AUS - M59) 23.26 - Hammer (6kg)
Sean Steele (CAN - M61) 2.80 - Pole Vault
Kaan Kigen Özbilen (TUR - M36) 2:04:36.0h - Marathon
Bernard Pons (FRA - M66) 8.42 - 60 Meter
James Wright (GBR - M67) 11.01 - 60 Meter
Caroline Farvaque (FRA - W38) 35.97 - Hammer (4kg)

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