Getting Performances Listed

This site will be even greater value to Masters Athletes and Masters Athletics when the lists include all eligible performances from around the world. You can help by providing performances in a usable format. Historical performances are also welcome. Performance data has many uses, like updating Age Grading to more accurately represent performance decline as one ages. Thank you for your help making the Rankings more accurate!

There are 4,094,479 performances listed representing 421,007 athletes from 224 nations!

Submission Form

You can submit your own or anyone else’s results using this simple to use form. Your performances are instantly listed on your profile and in the Rankings usually within 10 minutes.

Submit Results

Hy-Tek & MeetPro Export

It takes a few steps to export from Hy-Tek and MeetPro (see steps below). This is the best means to provide single meet results. Email the export file to

Email MastersRankings

Database Exports

Many national bodies and organizations keep results / rankings in databases.  Exports from databases are welcome. See Database Export Format below. Email the export file to

Email MastersRankings

Submit Using Excel

A template for providing complete meet results in Excel can be downloaded by clicking the button below. Email the export file to

Meet Results in Excel

Hy-Tek Semicolon Delimited Export

The results file is created in Hy-Tek by:

  1. Loading the competition database in Meet Manager;
  2. Select “File”;
  3. Select “Export”;
  4. Select “Semicolon delimited results”.

MeetPro Semicolon Delimited Export

The results file is created in MeetPro by going to the File Menu:

  1. File > Export > Results
  2. Choose Semi-Colon for Format
  3. Check “Include Relay Athletes
  4. Click Okay and save the file.

Database Export Format

The database exports should be .csv with separate columns for:

  • Given (First) Name
  • Family (Last) Name
  • Birth Date => format: yyyy-mm-dd (October 8, 2018 would be 2018-10-08)
  • Gender => format: Male or Female
  • Nationality => format: three letter IOC code
  • Event
  • Performance => format: hh:mm:ss.xx — Examples: 1 hour, 7 minutes, 47.3 seconds = 1:07:47.3; 2 minutes, 4.27 seconds = 2:04.27 or 184.27 (time can be stated in seconds); 14.8 seconds=14.80 (please note any FAT performance must be typed / displayed completely or it will be interpreted as non-FAT);
  • Wind (for sprints and horizontal jumps) => format: the number in meters / seconds with direction (+ for assistive; – for headwind). Examples: +1.2; -1.2; no wind=+0.0 
  • Competition Name
  • Competition Location – City
  • Competition Location – State, Province or Territory
  • Competition Location – Country => format: three letter IOC code
  • Competition Start Date => format: yyyy-mm-dd (October 8, 2018 would be 2018-10-08)
  • Competition End Date => format: yyyy-mm-dd (October 8, 2018 would be 2018-10-08)
  • Competition Contest => format: Indoor, Outdoor or Road
  • URL for Competition Results

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