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New and much improved ways to insert results coming soon!!!

Individual Submissions (this is the only way athletes should enter their own results) can be done again no later than the end of Sunday.

So sorry for those who have been frustrated by not being able to see their recent performances listed. During the past several days, I have been working on reprogramming the submission pages, functions and processing programs to make everything up to date (match all current software and database versions) plus improve functionality & versatility and prepare for the future. All of the pages will be available by the end of Sunday. Pages will be restored as they are finished and tested.

Several of you have asked to submit results for other athletes. There are several ways to do this (click here for all options):

  1. Use the Submit Results page you use to submit your own results. There will be a section where you can enter as much as you know about the other athlete and submit their result for approval;
  2. Use the Submit Meet Results page which is active but results submitted cannot be inserted yet;
  3. Fill out the Excel Workbook (instructions in the workbook) and email to;
  4. Use the Enter Results page to type information.

Page Reference: 1 – Submit_Results