My Story: Naomi Miyata - Japan

Everybody loves Nao-chan (her nickname)!! Naomi, currently W50, has won 60m and 100m at the all-Japan Masters championship for 9 years consecutively. Naomi works as the lecturer of the music system of Yamaha and is a very kind teacher, but she runs like a wild beast once she stands on the track!

Naomi competed in college but stopped when she found a job. She also had low back pain at the age of 34. She began walking and muscular workouts in the pool for refection, but, she remembered school days and began the Masters track and field.

Nao-chan has Japan 60m and 100m record for both W45 and W50:

  •  7.98 - W45 60m
  • 12.76 - W45 100m
  •  8.18 - W50 60m
  • 12.99 - W50 100m

There was a 4x100m relay competition between 11 year-old girls and 45year-old ladies on Japanese TV program. Naomi's team won and got a ticket to against the same age USA girls. The competition was held at University of California, Los Angeles where they won again - this time by a narrow margin of 1m! Though it was unfortunately not broadcasted in the United States, she has the very fond memory of this great experience.

Naomi won a 100m bronze medal at the World Masters Athletics championship held in Perth, 2016. She followed that up a few months later ath the WMA Championship in Daegu, 2017 with a 60m bronze medal and a 4x200m silver medal.

Her 100m best is 12.4 at 22 years old and her W50 record is 12.99 last year. She wants to continue running in the 12 seconds level as long as possible and trains hard hoping to set a world record someday.