My Story: Tom O. Jensen - Denmark

When I was born in 1960, it was already decided that I should be involved in athletics. My mother Tove Jensen was a athletics girl and was several times Danish champion in sprint and combined events. My father Poul Jensen was 800m and 1500m runner and always No. 2 after Gunnar Nielsen who in 1955 set world record on the 1500m run with 3.40.8 sec. So I have become a good mix of both of them.

I grew up in an athletics environment where, as a child, I was always surrounded by lots of athletes who looked good after me and told me about all the major athletics stars.

However, I first started with athletics at the age of 16 and quickly found out that I would be a multiplayer for all the disciplines were exciting.

For many years I was on the Danish national team in decathlon and javelin. Also had a penchant for 400m hurdles which I thought was really fun to run.

When I turned 30 years, the plan was to stop due to founding families and injuries, but there were more children who asked me if I did want to teach them to throw and said yes to it. It was the start of my second athletics life, where I did not run and jump any more but spent the time being a thrower, throwing. Right soon, I became better to throw but, indeed, also to be a coach too.

As a Master, I first started as a 42-year-old to participate in a discos in Potsdam in 2002. At the same time, I grew up with the good atmosphere and therefore continued to participate even today.

What struck me was the comradeship between the competitors, but also that one would still make good results at the same time. The relationship and the relationship between countries is unique and I have had friends for life everywhere.

In Denmark we have about 600 active masters and we are one of the few countries that have a master tournament with two rounds and a big finale. This means that you meet several times a year and keep your athletics companion aware of it.

It is said that life is traveling, and it gives you a rich opportunity as a Master. I have been in many places and wherever you come, you are welcomed.

Although I have been many times world champion and European champion, I have my greatest experience of setting the world record in throwing pentathlon in the M50 home in Denmark. It is even though it has been beaten several times since an experience that means a lot to me. A culmination of many years of targeted training. Now I can calmly lean back and enjoy others having the same targeting and want to beat my results.

Masters athletics have also helped me through a hard time with prostate cancer and subsequent surgery here in March. There has been overwhelming support from athletic friends from all over the world. A unique network that I have not encountered in many places. So I would very much like to say thank you to all the people I encounter at the championships because you are there for me and everyone else when it is needed.