World Masters Athletics Committees


Serve as a resource for substance abuse issues and respond to the directives of MTF.


Committee selects Athletes of the Year, Event Group Athletes of the Year, Age Group Athletes of the Year, David Pain Award and Centenarian Award.

Budget and Finance

Prepare the proposed budget to submit to the USATF Budget and Finance Committee and present the proposed budget to the (MTF) Committee at the annual meeting.

Championship Games

Approves the schedule of events for each USATF Masters National Track and Field Championships, oversee the conduct of the Championships, and work with the Local Organizing Committee to ensure the success of the Championships.

Combined Events

Solicits bids for combined-events championships, oversee the conduct of these events, and serves as a resource to the National Championships Organizing Committees.


Seeks to establish and maintain an inclusive culture that fosters equitable participation for athletes, officials, volunteers and spectators. To empower athletic development, competition, fitness, friendship, sportsmanship and volunteerism; the Inclusion Sub-committee will provide or enable education and advocate for USATF Masters policies which sustain foundations of a diverse and inclusive culture across all dimensions including, but not limited to, age, race, sex, gender, gender expression, class, geographical location, national origin, educational background, marital status, parental status, disability, income, sexual orientation, creed and all levels of athletic ability.

Masters Hall of Fame

Oversees the selection of inductees into the USATF Masters Track & Field Hall of Fame, first established in 1996.

Race Walking

Establishes procedures for selecting Race Walking Championships held outside the MTF championships, ensures race walking records are maintained for masters, selects annual race walking awardees, and serves as a resource to championships organizing committees.


Maintains and updates age-group American records for masters track and field.

Throwing Events

Solicits bids for throwing events that have stand-alone national championships, oversees the organization and conduct of these events, and serves as a resource to the National Championships Organizing Committees. Also provides an avenue for grassroots involvement by throwers in discussions of issues related to throwing and throwing competitions.