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Len Krsak and Jim Flanik


Why Len Krsak and Jim Flanik deserves this honor:

I am writing you to request that the Awards Committee reconsider awarding the David Pain award for 2021. There are two individuals who are worthy of consideration as co-recipients. Len Krsak and Jim Flanik. Len has been on the USATF Masters Games Committee since 2006, Chair of the National Officials Committee for eight years and responsible for our Championship officials. He is a currently a member of the USATF Board of Directors too. Jim has been the Chair of the Masters Games Committee since 2006 and never had a protest filed at our Indoor or Outdoor Championships in the 15 years as Chair, which speaks to the quality of our Championships. Both Len and Jim were involved with the Masters as officials prior to 2006.

The David Pain Award is awarded annually for outstanding service to Masters Track and Field Administrators and for Distinguished Service. David Pain is a lifetime of service award. There are no individuals more qualified, or deserving, who have devoted decades of service to Masters Track and Field, than Len Krsak and Jim Flanik.

The Masters Officers unanimously support this request. I propose that we award these individuals at the 2021 annual meeting.

Awards Committee Comment (2021-10-25 17:46:21)

These two gentlemen have served as one team, always in support of one another. Both are very well deserving for this award.

Awards Committee Comment (2021-10-22 18:08:40)

Because of the many years they have served together as members of our championships games committee it is appropriate to select them both for the David Pain Award.

Awards Committee Comment (2021-10-22 16:51:12)

Both are strongly deserving and this should be approved.

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