This site is not yet setup for road races other than race walk. There is much to compiling accurate road race rankings plus is a significant order of magnitude difference

Outdoor rankings lists include performances contested outdoors either on a track for running events or a suitable field event facility. Events contested on an oversized indoor track are eligible for

MastersRankings strives to finalize rankings World & WMA Regional within 3 months after a season ends (see below). Finalizing the rankings lists involves removing duplicates, correcting typos, further confirming meet

Meet organizers, National Governing Bodies and athletes have until 1 month after the season closes (see below) to submit performances. Note: this policy has not yet been implemented worldwide since

Relays are not ranked events and individual times from relays are not allowed in these lists.

Effective 2016, only performances with less than or equal to 2m/s assistive wind in horizontal jumps and 200m and shorter running events will be included in this site’s World Rankings

FAT is a system connecting all timing components electronically including the starter’s signal, starter’s signal receiver, finish line camera and timing software. Non-FAT performances in events 200m and shorter are

Pre-scheduled, organized competitions run by qualified officials who ensure competition is in accordance with WMA or National Governing Body rules are eligible. MastersRankings is the sole arbiter for competition eligibility

Athletes’ nationality is based on their citizenship regardless of their residence. Athletes with multiple citizenships are eligible to be listed in each nations list on this site. Note: this policy

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