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The mission of this site is to motivate older people to be active and promote masters sports starting with athletics (track & field) . I thought awards for the best ranked athletes would be great and fun way to do this. The awards will be crystal trophies plus a cash award.

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These awards are not intended to replace or compete with any other award. We deeply respect all national and world federations and their recognition of masters athletes. A mathematical calculation using rankings listed on this site will be used to determine who receives these awards.

About these awards:

    • The Most Improved Rankings Award (African, Asian, European, North American, Oceanic, South American Masters & World) will be given to the athlete with the biggest year to year ranking improvement;
      • The awards winners will be the athlete with the greatest score improvement compared to the previous year;
      • Athletes must have at least one eligible performance listed on the site for the previous year.
      • Points are awarded to all performances listed in the top 25 in a region, top 50 in the world and an outdoor ranked event (there will be and are events listed on this site that are not considered official rankings. The criteria for an event to have an official ranking is for it to be contested at a WMA championship with some exclusions);
      • Points reverse rankings: #1 – 25 pts, #2 – 24 pts…#25 – 1 pt;
    • Point scores for events without 25 ranked athletes in a region and 50 ranked athletes in the world will be modified based on how many athletes are listed. The number of listed athletes will receive descending point score from four additional groups: World<11, World<31, Regional
    • Like the goal for real time lists everywhere else on this site, a monthly scorecard shows athletes’ standing.

There are many more results that need to be obtained and uploaded so it is difficult to predict when these awards will be given. All rankings awards will be sent when rankings lists are finalized or winners are definitively known. Rankings awards are final and irrevocable once sent.

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