Will be in Toruń between 21 March and 31 March. If you would like to meet, please contact MastersRankings to make arrangements:

Call: (IDD) +1 845 635 9487 (before Toruń)
Call: (IDD) +1 845 489 7818 (in Toruń)
Call on WhatsApp: (845) 489-7818

Will be spending most of the time at the indoor arena. Will be staying at the Hotel Filmar from 21 March through 24 March then Copernicus Hotel from 24 March through 31 March.

MastersRankings plans to work directly with interested athletes and WMA representatives while in Toruń to maximize what we get done to benefit our sport, improve cooperation inserting results and modifying policies. We can accomplish much more by meeting without distractions.

Most are not aware that MastersRankings is much more than a website displaying performances. WMA, Regions & Affiliates have access to tools and resources on / through MastersRankings that can help them fulfill their missions. We will be working on how these are integrated, leveraged and used to expand the benefit to our sport.

Many are not familiar with MastersRankings’ policies, processes and procedures. Educating you, national representatives and WMA will help immensely. For example, clarifying how competition results and national rankings can be easily shared for inclusion in World Masters Rankings should enable listing quickly with less effort (reducing costs). Seeing how performances for review are flagged, flagged performances are verified and what is done about repeated indiscretions gives peace of mind.

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