Photo by Rob Jerome

What a year so far!!! 100 individual stadia records were set this year as of October 1st report (click to see all records). Most know Anthony Whiteman (5 – M45 records) and Kathy Martin (6 – W65 records) obliterated records this year. Did you know that Carol Lafayette Boyd (W75) also set 5 or Angela Copson (W70) set 4? Klemens Grimer (M65) and Angel Diaz Granillo (M55) exceeded 8,000 points in Decathlon. Look how much fartherIryna Sekachova (W40), Roald Bradstock (M55), Quenton Torbert (M65) and Ian Reed (USA) have thrown than their competition this year. Each of these records are obviously exceptional and noteworthy. Have fun clicking on all the links below and seeing how exceptional these athletes are!

Photo by Mark Shearman
Athlete Result / Age Group / Event
Kathryn Martin (USA) 2:44.35 in W65 800m
Kathryn Martin (USA) 5:25.29 in W65 1500m
Kathryn Martin (USA) 5:51.74 in W65 1mile
Kathryn Martin (USA) 11:35.98 in W65 3000m
Kathryn Martin (USA) 5:25.65 in W65 1500m
Kathryn Martin (USA) 8:52.65 in W65 2000m Steeplechase
Carol LaFayette-Boyd (CAN) 15.15 in W75 100m
Carol LaFayette-Boyd (CAN) 31.89 in W75 200m
Carol LaFayette-Boyd (CAN) 1.23 in W75 High Jump
Carol LaFayette-Boyd (CAN) 4.09 in W75 Long Jump
Carol LaFayette-Boyd (CAN) 8.19 in W75 Triple Jump
Anthony Whiteman (GBR) 1:52.96 in M45 800m
Anthony Whiteman (GBR) 3:54.94 in M45 1500m
Anthony Whiteman (GBR) 4:12.94 in M45 1mile
Anthony Whiteman (GBR) 1:49.86 in M45 800m
Anthony Whiteman (GBR) 3:48.72 in M45 1500m
Angela Copson (GBR) 2:51.49 in W70 800m
Angela Copson (GBR) 20:56.13 in W70 5000m
Angela Copson (GBR) 44:25.14 in W70 10000m
Angela Copson (GBR) 5:46.9 in W65 1500m
Hiroo Tanaka (JPN) 9.77 in M85 60m
Hiroo Tanaka (JPN) 33.76 in M85 200m
Hiroo Tanaka (JPN) 15.08 in M85 100m
David Carr (AUS) 3:06.69 in M85 800m
David Carr (AUS) 6:27.3 in M85 1500m
David Carr (AUS) 11:04.2 in M85 2000m Steeplechase
Klemens Grimer (GER) 5.48 in M65 Long Jump
Klemens Grimer (GER) 4637 in M65 Pentathlon
Klemens Grimer (GER) 8203 in M65 Decathlon
Jane Horder (GBR) 9.90 in W60 60m Hurdles
Jane Horder (GBR) 12.90 in W60 80m Hurdles
Jane Horder (GBR) 49.80 in W60 300m Hurdles
Diane Friedman (USA) 30.18 in W95 100m
Diane Friedman (USA) 1:12.99 in W95 200m
Hilja Bakhoff (EST) 18.21 in W90 Hammer Throw
Hilja Bakhoff (EST) 8.08 in W90 Weight Throw
Yoko Nakano (JPN) 25:41.60 in W80 5000m
Yoko Nakano (JPN) 53:12.59 in W80 10000m
Christa Bortignon (CAN) 3.28 in W80 Long Jump
Christa Bortignon (CAN) 7.42 in W80 Triple Jump
Anne Chatrine Rhlow (GER) 9.66 in W80 Shot Put
Anne Chatrine Rhlow (GER) 26.53 in W80 Discus Throw
Christiane Schmalbruch (GER) 3.45 in W80 Long Jump
Christiane Schmalbruch (GER) 7.36 in W80 Triple Jump
Robert Lida (USA) 29.15 in M80 200m
Robert Lida (USA) 1:10.20 in M80 400m
Ingrid Meier (GER) 14.73 in W70 100m
Ingrid Meier (GER) 31.30 in W70 200m
Quenton Torbert (USA) 15.83 in M65 Shot Put
Quenton Torbert (USA) 16.66 in M65 Shot Put
Roland Grger (GER) 51.73 in M50 400m
Roland Grger (GER) 50.73 in M50 400m
Nuria Fernandez (ESP) 8:58.20 in W40 3000m
Nuria Fernandez (ESP) 9:03.40 in W40 3000m
Frank Dickey (USA) 2.28 in M85 Pole Vault
William Bell, Sr (USA) 1.35 in M95 Pole Vault
Curt Davison (USA) 25.28 in M90 Hammer Throw
Elena Pagu (ROU) 28:37.92 in W90 3000m
Colleen Milliman (USA) 13:26.46 in W90 1mile
Ian Reed (USA) 28.49 in M90 Discus Throw
Lenore Montgomery (CAN) 19:58.05 in W85 3000m
Manuel Alonso Domingo (ESP) 6:22.69 in M80 1mile
Carl-Erik Srndal (SWE) 1.38 in M80 High Jump
Jean-Louis Esnault (FRA) 8:45.77 in M75 2000m Steeplechase
Gudrun Mellmann (GER) 14.34 in W75 Weight Throw
Lavinia Petrie (AUS) 12:54.89 in W70 3000m
Karin Frster (GER) 2.12 in W70 Pole Vault
Hans Smeets (NED) 4:59.62 in M70 1500m
Lawrence Hart (USA) 21.08 in M70 Weight Throw
Heather Carr (AUS) 16:57.96 in W65 3000m
Jose Luis Lopez Camarena (MEX) 14:17.97 in M65 3000m
Akiko Ohinata (JPN) 9.86 in W65 Triple Jump
William Collins (USA) 12.33 in M65 100m
Jeanette Flynn (AUS) 70.34 in W65 400m
Loghlin Mihaela (ROU) 13.08 in W65 Shot Put
Tiny Hellendoorn (NED) 4637 in W60 Throws Pentathlon
Oleg Fedorko (UKR) 1.74 in M60 High Jump
Susan Frisby (GBR) 48.74 in W55 300m Hurdles
Karl Smith (JAM) 8.56 in M55 60m Hurdles
Oneithea Lewis (USA) 15.22 in W55 Weight Throw
Ramona Pfeiffer (GER) 4.97 in W55 Long Jump
Angel Diaz Granillo (GUA) 8031 in M55 Decathlon
Marco Segatel (ITA) 1.91 in M55 High Jump
Fiona Matheson (GBR) 10:21.52 in W55 3000m
Fiona Matteson (GBR) 4:56.51 in W55 1500m
Roald Bradstock (GBR) 66.76 in M55 Javelin Throw
Valentyna Krepkina (UKR) 10.79 in W50 Triple Jump
Nicole Weijling-Dissel (NED) 2:13.05 in W50 800m
Lucy Elliott (GBR) 5:03.60 in W50 1mile
Derek Pye (USA) 8.15 in M45 60m Hurdles
Allen Woodard (USA) 49.09 in M45 400m
Alex Florez Studer (ESP) 20:28.28 in M45 5000m
Kevin Castille (USA) 29:44.38 in M45 10000m
Christian Harmse (RSA) 21.66 in M40 Weight Throw
Donato Fabrizio (ITA) 17.13 in M40 Triple Jump
Iryna Sekachova (UKR) 67.57 in W40 Hammer Throw
Justin Gatlin (USA) 9.92 in M35 100m
Jenn Suhr (USA) 4.83 in W35 Pole Vault
Julia Hawkins (USA) 39.62 in W100 100m
Giuseppe Ottaviani (ITA) 4.43 in M100 Shot Put
Guiseppe Ottaviani (ITA) 1.16 in M100 Long Jump


Photo by Doug Smith

Photos byRob Jerome,Doug Smith and Mark Shearman ? Thank you to Rob, Doug, Mark all the otherphotographerswho support Masters Athletes through your excellent work.

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