Masters Athletics in March
Another fantastic WMA Championship!
It is fantastic that World Masters Athletics (WMA) and the host countries have put a lot of effort into making the athletes’ experience great. Feedback from athletes is the host countries have been very welcoming and hospitable, high quality venues and well organized competitions. Many athletes, family and fans have noted they really appreciated having real-time results like these from Daegu. Thanks to this, Daegu and Perth results were in World Masters Rankings within hours of the conclusion of each day. The WMA is conducting an athletes’ survey which hopefully will result in more fantastic WMA Championships. There will be several thousand athletes attending the championship in Malaga on 5-16 September, 2018. The organizing committees for 2019 WMA Indoor Championships in Torun, Poland and 2020 WMA Outdoor Championship in Toronto, Canada are also focused on a great athletic experience.
Notable newly entered performances in the rankings
Athlete Meet Performance
Charles Eugster WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 15.42 in M95 60 Meter Dash
Indreswar Dehingia 38th National Masters Athletics Championship, IND 35.73 in M85 200 Meter Dash
Carol Lafayette-Boyd 2017 Lipsett Cartage Classic, CAN 9.38 in W70 60 Meter Dash
Karla Del Grande Ontario Masters Indoor Championships, CAN 8.50 in W60 60 Meter Dash
????? (Hiroo Tanaka) Tokoku Masters Athletics Championships, JPN 31.95 in M85 200 Meter Dash
Indreswar Dehingia 38th National Masters Athletics Championship, IND 1:29.84h in M85 400 Meter Run
?? ??? (Emiko Saito) Eastern Japan Masters Championships, JPN 18.66 in W85 100 Meter Dash
Christa Bortignon Canadian Masters Indoor Championship, CAN 10.54 in W80 60 Meter Dash
Robert Lida WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 29.15 in M80 200 Meter Dash
?? ?? (Yoko Nakano) Kanto Masters Athletics Championships, JPN 6:52.77 in W80 1500 Meter Run
Libby James USATF Masters 5km Championships, USA 25:11.0h in W80 5000 Meter Run
Lavinia Petrie WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 12:54.89 in W70 3000 Meter Run
Alice Cole Canadian Masters Indoor Championship, CAN 3:55.19 in W80 800 Meter Run
Kathryn Martin WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 5:25.29 in W65 1500 Meter Run
Fiona Matheson Bmc / Glasgow Aa Metric Miler Meeting (Inc Scottish 3000m Championships & Glasgow Pole Vault Gp), GBR 10:21.52 in W55 3000 Meter Run
Lydia Ritter Deutsche Hallen- und Winterwurf Meisterschaften, GER 3:35.49 in W75 800 Meter Run
Ros Tabor WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 12:27.24 in W65 3000 Meter Run
Hardev Singh 38th National Masters Athletics Championship, IND 43.12 in M85 200 Meter Hurdles
Parthasarathy P V 38th National Masters Athletics Championship, IND 48.48 in M80 200 Meter Hurdles
Tony Bowman WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 11.30 in M80 60 Meter Hurdles
James Smith Sr 26th Indoor Classic & West Zone Indoor, USA 7.67 in M50 55 Meter Hurdles
Jane Horder WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 9.90 in W60 60 Meter Hurdles
Jostein Haraldseid Nordic Indoor Veteran Championship 2017, SWE 12.10 in M80 60 Meter Hurdles
Thaddeus Wilson Sr. WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 9.75 in M65 60 Meter Hurdles
Sally Stagles WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 9.82 in W55 60 Meter Hurdles
Akiko Ohinata WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 9.86 in W65 Triple Jump
Kathy Bergen Southern California Indoor Meet – Outdoors, USA 1.15 in W75 High Jump
Carol Lafayette-Boyd Canadian Masters Indoor Championship, CAN 1.20 in W70 High Jump
Christel Donley Open and Masters Indoor USATF Iowa Association Championship, USA 1.00 in W80 High Jump
Christa Bortignon WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 7.09 in W80 Triple Jump
Fabrizio Donato European Athletics Indoor Championships, SRB 17.13 in M40 Triple Jump
Paul Babits Brenda Lee Open, USA 4.45 in M55 Pole Vault
Oleg Fedorko WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 1.74 in M60 High Jump
Ruth Beitia Vila European Athletics Indoor Championships, SRB 1.94 in W35 High Jump
Carole Filer BMAF Pentathlon, South of England Masters, Evac & Vac Championships & Open Meeting, GBR 1.42 in W60 High Jump
Rachel Hanssens Belgisch Kampioenschap Masters, BEL 7.24 in W85 Shot Put (2 Kg)
Austra Reinberga Ventspils Veterans Athletics Championship Open Indoor, LAT 6.50 in W85 Shot Put (2 Kg)
Tserendolgor Tumurbat WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 9.74 in W75 Shot Put (2 Kg)
Gudrun Mellmann WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 14.34 in W75 Weight Throw (4 Kg)
Algina-Mar Vilc?inskiene? Lithuania Veterans Athletics Indoor Championship Open., LTU 9.00 in W80 Shot Put (2 Kg)
Margaret Tosh Kinsmen Indoor Championships, CAN 9.20 in W75 Shot Put (2 Kg)
Borg Stannius Western Province Championships, RSA 9.81 in M85 Shot Put (3 Kg)
Gudrun Mellmann WMA Indoor Championships, KOR 37.80 in W75 Hammer Throw (2 Kg)
Östen Edlund Nordic Indoor Veteran Championship 2017, SWE 17.07 in M80 Weight Throw (12 Lb)
Harvey Lewellen Portland Masters Track Club Classic Meet, USA 30.78 in M85 Hammer Throw (3 Kg)


Ranked Athlete Spotlight
John just returned from participating at another WMA Championship placing 2nd in the Triple Jump and 4th in the Long Jump. He recovered from a serious injury years ago and has tried multi-events. Maybe we can encourage him to compete in more events and contend for the Most Improved Athlete award!


Want to be featured in future Spotlights? Have a compelling or motivating story? We’d love to feature you. Email me @ with a little about you and your compelling story and I will send you a few questions to facilitate writing the article.
By the Numbers & Meet Results
Since Last Report:
  • 33,304 Performances Added (728 by Athletes)
  • Representing 13,363 Athletes from 91 Countries
  • 4,201 new athletes listed
Sample of Complete Meet Results Added:
MastersRankings in March 
Don’t fret when I contact you – just checking to further improve list quality and integrity!


By now you should realize I need professional help. So many people used the same phrase when referring to something I had planned: “you are insane to try to…”. I do not argue with those statements but I knew, based on all the feedback from athletes, that having:
  • An all-inclusive site with no minimum performance requirement;
  • Keeping the site running while programming all the things required to handle Worldwide rankings;
  • Allowing athlete submitted performances;
  • Trying to compile rankings back to 2013;
  • Trying to compile real time rankings so athletes can know where they stand throughout the year and set / change goals & training.
, etc. were very popular and what you wanted. There were some bumps along the way. I learned a lot about how not to do things sometimes because I made a major mistake that took me 3 or 4 solid days to correct the damage.


All the while, I’ve been progressing all facets plus keeping to policies and procedures in my head from when I started doing US rankings in 2007. Most of you probably have no idea that I routinely check performance accuracy and competition eligibility. Many of you are extremely helpful and I really appreciate each and every communication you send asking if something is correct – this site is much more accurate because of you.


Have you wondered what is being done about the error you reported?


Some of you comment how ridiculously fast corrections get made. These currently happen fast because you have timed it very well and your request was easy to fulfill. To all of you who have not seen the correction or a response, it is because either your request is more involved and therefore in my large pile of things to do, I received it when I was involved with something else and it is in the pile (I just responded to three that were over a year old – I’ll get to yours) or you may not have received my response because it went to spam or was outright blocked – very frustrating for me as I have no idea why some are blocked and have no other way to get in touch with you. One way you can get my response is to report something using the Contact form or clicking on a time, distance, height or score on any list when you are logged in. Each of these will be logged in the system and you can see my response through the system by clicking on ” Responses to your posts.” which appears in the upper right side of the site (if you’ve posted something).


Don’t fret when I contact you – just checking to further improve list quality and integrity!


I’ve been catching up like I’ve mentioned a couple of times. The emails to be addressed is now in 4 figures (addressed over 2,000 this month alone), removed almost 30,000 duplicate performances, made thousands of other corrections…making nice progress. Considering I’m catching up, I will be more actively doing some more QC:
  • Checking performance validity: I’ve always done as well as having an unpublished process for addressing athletes who continually submit inaccurate marks. I receive a daily report of submitted performances, routinely review the log of all submitted performances, routinely receive notifications from athletes, etc. Several tools, like consistent performance level assessments and flagging exceptional performances, have been added to identify more performances to verify.
  • Verifying competition eligibility: another ongoing effort that is now, thanks to tools recently created, much more automated to flag competitions for review. Competitions must be pre-scheduled, organized competitions run in accordance with WMA or National Governing Body rules to be eligible for these rankings. A few dozen competitions have been removed since 2007 because the athletes could not provide me with sufficient proof the competition was eligible. I am tweaking a new program which identifies competitions and expect that I will request more eligibility confirmations in 2017 than I have asked for all other years combined. Many of the competitions I’ve reviewed have been accepted so it is nothing more than due diligence.
The first draft of the policies are posted. These are mostly what has been practiced for years on this site. The Rankings Advisory Board will be reviewing and providing suggestions. Please feel free to provide your feedback on these and the Frequently Asked Questions (this is a list of the questions that will have answers). In addition to your thoughts, I would like to know what you think should be added.
Larry Hart & Lorraine Jasper were incredible!
Do you know why they were mentioned over 30 times in National Masters News?

Excellent and extensive coverage of USATF Masters Cross Country, Indoor and Heptathlon Championships plus Hartshorne Mile included in this month’s issue but so much more about fantastic competitions (battles, albeit friendly, may be a better term for some) and performances.  Road Racing, Race Walking, Cross Country and more. Road Racing, Race Walking, Cross Country, throwing, jumping, sprinting – so many results, athlete & human interest stories, training tips, nutrition and more for all these packed into every issue. Do you know who won their 35th National Championship this year in spite of being the “old one” in the group? It’s in this issue.

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