Exciting New Feature Coming in June!
Surprise addition many have requested.
I frequently set expectations in these newsletters so you know what is coming. A new feature, athlete pictures & bios was mentioned in last month’s newsletter (it is on schedule for this month and will be a little more than pictures & bios). Part of the reason I do this is to set my focus for the coming month and get your feedback for same. Many email me with comments about these and I sometimes adjust based on some excellent advice, requests or points you make. Well, this month, I’ve set my priorities which include adding another much requested feature.
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Having Trouble Finding a Meet?
We can help each other find places to compete. 
The Upcoming Competitions is still in its infancy and needs meet organizers’ and your help to be a better resource. Anyone can add a meet ( click to add meet).  The Upcoming Competition Promotions are again in this issue . Meet organizers can contact me to include any other meets.

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Ranked Athlete Spotlight

“What??? Are you serious?” Those were my first words when I received the official call last October informing me that, in May of 2017, I was going to be inducted into the University of Pennsylvania Athletics Hall of Fame as a member of the 10th class of inductees (Class X). I tried to hold it together throughout the conversation, but I just wanted to scream with joy – which is exactly what I did when I hung up the phone! My youngest daughter said she had a feeling she knew what the phone call was about when she heard me running through the house screaming.

Want to be featured in future Spotlights? Have a compelling or motivating story? We’d love to feature you. Email me @ john.seto@mastersrankings.com with a little about you and your compelling story and I will send you a few questions to facilitate writing the article.


Notable Newly Entered Performances in the Rankings:
Note: all of these are links to the athletes’ profile, meet results in MastersRankings and the rankings list for this event (respectively)
Inês Henriques, POR Road Race, POR 4:08:26.0h in W35 50000 Meter Race Walk
Hyun-Sub Kim, KOR Road Race, JPN 1:19:50.0h in M30 20000 Meter Race Walk
Libo Wang, CHN Road Race, CHN 1:21:45.0h in M35 20000 Meter Race Walk
Kathryn Martin, USA Sierra Gold Masters Track & Field Festival, USA 5:55.99 in W65 One Mile Run
Ros Tabor, GBR Herne Hill Harriers Open, GBR 6:18.59 in W65 One Mile Run
Joanne Pavey, GBR Adidas Boost Boston Games, USA 15:24.74 in W40 5000 Meter Run
Nuria Fernández Dominguez, ESP Track & Field Meet, SRB 8:58.20 in W40 3000 Meter Run
Giuseppe Ottaviani, ITA Campionati Italiani Individuali E Di Societa, ITA 1.16 in M100 Long Jump
Kathy Bergen, USA Southern Ca Masters Championships, USA 1.20 in W75 High Jump
Kay Glynn, USA Western Iowa Senior Challenge, USA 2.90 in W60 Pole Vault
Yamilé Aldama, GBR Ntc/Pure Athletics Spring Invitational, USA 13.74 in W40 Triple Jump
Christa Bortignon, CAN Dylan Armstrong Classic, CAN 46.64 in W80 200 Meter Hurdles
Magdalena Thomlinson, RSA South African Masters Athletics Championships, RSA 44.45 in W70 200 Meter Hurdles
Antonín Kábele, CZE World Masters Games, NZL 55.54 in M80 200 Meter Hurdles
Marjorie Allison, AUS World Masters Games, NZL 17.35 in W70 80 Meter Hurdles
Nathan Sloan, USA Connecticut Masters Games, USA 9.08 in M90 Shot Put (3 Kg)
Andrzej Rzepecki, RSA South African Masters Athletics Championships, RSA 19.32 in M80 Weight Throw (12 Lb)
Tserendolgor Tumurbat, MGL World Masters Games, NZL 9.73 in W75 Shot Put (2 Kg)
Borg Stannius, RSA South African Masters Athletics Championships, RSA 9.76 in M85 Shot Put (3 Kg)
Michael Timpson, USA Track & Field Meet, USA 6.66 in M45 60 Meter Dash
Kim Collins, SKN Meeting National Elite, FRA 6.52 in M40 60 Meter Dash
Mario Longo, ITA Campionati Italiani Individuali E Di Societa, ITA 7.25 in M50 60 Meter Dash
Alexander Kosenkow, GER Ntc/Pure Athletics Spring Invitational, USA 10.20 in M40 100 Meter Dash
Fit With Fat & Master Your Health!
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