There are great athletes and great technicians in our sport. People like Willie Banks (M60 – USA) high jumping 1.65m with a two step run up are clearly exceptional athletes. Many of us really appreciate an outstanding technician. One example of a great technician is Gottfried Gassenbauer (M55 – AUT).

Gottfried is an accomplished athlete and has won multiple World Championships as well as received many honors including Austrian Masters Athlete of the Year. Like any good technician, Gottfried works hard to make it look easy. He videos himself, analyses his form and makes adjustments to throw farther. Below is one of his videos which highlights his struggles to avoid pulling with the left shoulder and leading with his head. Ideally, he should be looking forward in the direction of the hammer and pushing with the right side. What to do?

Tom O Jensen to the rescue!

Tom O Jensen (M55 – DEN) is also an accomplished, multiple, World Champion, thrower who offers his friendly advice to Gottfried and any other throwers with the same challenge. While I find it appalling to risk something so special, I cannot fault anything effective achieving results.

Aside from what this shows about Tom 🙂 , this exchange demonstrates the worldwide camaraderie that exists within Masters Athletics. It is amazing having athletes of all ethnicities, capabilities welcome, cheered on and supported by their fellow athletes – that’s what happens in our sport.

Come out and compete! There’s a great World Championship in Malaga, Spain between September 4th and 16th in 2018 where you can experience it for yourself. Maybe Tom and Gottfried will give you some tips then share a few pints!

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