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Many have become accustomed to MastersRankings’ monthly newsletter and it has evolved with your feedback and requests. Don’t worry, it won’t go away! The features you’ve requested will continue:

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  • By the Numbers* – Summarizing performances inserted into the rankings lets us all know how much we get done every month.
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Items tagged with an asterisks will be done monthly.  Meet promotions will be done more frequently so you can plan accordingly.  Athlete Spotlights will be done regularly – 2 per region per year doesn’t seem like enough.  You’ve mentioned several times that reports on rankings are too general so separating from other features and reporting periodically allow for more information and focusing on the subject.

Recent noteworthy performances

Athlete Meet Performance & Event
Rose Delmania Green, USA 42nd Annual Potomac Valley Games, USA 1:23.16 in W75 400 Meter Run
????? (Hiroo Tanaka), JPN 20th Asia Masters Athletics Championships, CHN 34.34 in M85 200 Meter Dash
Karla Del Grande, CAN Flying Angels International Classic, CAN 13.86 in W60 100 Meter Dash
Sawang Janpram, THA 20th Asia Masters Athletics Championships, CHN 25.10 in M95 100 Meter Dash
Kathryn Martin, USA 42nd Annual Potomac Valley Games, USA 11:43.04 in W65 3000 Meter Run
Earl Fee, CAN Huntsman World Senior Games, USA 3:33.20 in M85 800 Meter Run
Louisa Abram, AUS Melbourne Marathon 2017, AUS 37:59.0h in W55 10000 Meter Run
Susan Krumins, NED Memorial van Damme (Diamond League Final), BEL 14:51.25 in W30 5000 Meter Run
Manuel Alonso Domingo, ESP , ESP 5:54.37 in M80 1500 Meter Run
Ty Brown, USA 42nd Annual Potomac Valley Games, USA 13.38 in M70 80 Meter Hurdles
Fu En Teng, CHN 20th Asia Masters Athletics Championships, CHN 17.07 in W70 80 Meter Hurdles
Toine van Beckhoven, NED Nk Masters 2017 Gouda, NED 56.21 in M45 400 Meter Hurdles
Emanuela Baggiolini, ITA Campionati Regionali Individuali Assoluti Su Pista. 3° Prova Del Campionato Di Società Assoluto Su P, ITA 1:02.93 in W45 400 Meter Hurdles
Kay Glynn, USA Shocker Track Club Wichita Masters/Open Track and Field Meet, USA 2.74 in W60 Pole Vault
Carl-Erik Särndal, SWE Swedish Masters Championships, SWE 1.38 in M80 High Jump
Bill T. Wamback, USA Wisconsin Senior Olympics, USA 1.05 in M90 High Jump
Kirstii Viitanen, FIN Tilastopajacup 6, FIN 1.90 in W75 Pole Vault
Tserendolgor Tumurbat, MGL 20th Asia Masters Athletics Championships, CHN 9.24 in W75 Shot Put (2 Kg)
Ian Reed, USA San Diego Senior Games, USA 28.49 in M90 Discus (1 Kg)
Tomoko Kanari, JPN 20th Asia Masters Athletics Championships, CHN 10.00 in W75 Shot Put (2 Kg)
Joanne Marriott, USA USATF Mid-America Championship & Rocky Mountain Masters Games, USA 11.80 in W75 Weight Throw (4 Kg)
Anja Tognotti, GER 40. Fleiner Mehrkampf-Wochenende 2017, GER 4131 in W40 Decathlon
Dave Varley, AUS QMA Combined Events, AUS 6302 in M55 Decathlon
Darren Scott, GBR BMAF Decathlon / Heptathlon, Throws Pentathlon Championships, Inc North of England Masters Champion, GBR 6100 in M45 Decathlon
Geraldine Finegan, IRL Ni & Ulster Combined Events Championships, IRL 4851 in W50 Heptathlon
Romolo Pelliccia, ITA Trofeo Per Regioni Master Su Pista, ITA 30:31.82 in M80 5000 Meter Race Walk
Jose Ignacio Diaz Velazquez, ESP Road Race, GBR 3:48:08.0h in M35 50000 Meter Race Walk
Jacqueline Wilson, NZL Nz Road Race Championships, NZL 1:06:19.0h in W70 10000 Meter Race Walk
Jean Lancaster, CAN 55plus Bc Games, CAN 36:38.92 in W80 5000 Meter Race Walk
Antonio Lopetuso, ITA Trofeo Per Regioni Master Su Pista, ITA 24:43.25 in M55 5000 Meter Race Walk

Photos by Tom Phillips – Thank you to Tom and all the other photographers who support Masters Athletes through your excellent work.

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