Ian Reed extended, pending acceptance and ratification, his current M90 World Record by over a meter throwing 29.52m at the Encore Senior Games in San Mateo, CA, USA yesterday. It was a picturesque day for incredible accomplishments and Ian rose to the challenge…but he wants to throw farther!

Putting Ian’s performances in perspective, Ian has thrown over 50% farther than most of the other M90 athletes ever! Only 13 M90 athletes have thrown within 10 meters of Ian’s latest throw. How many other athletes have displayed this level of dominance? It is exciting to think how much farther the 1k platter may go.

Ian represented Australia in the 1952 Olympics, plus won the 1950 Commonwealth Games in Auckland, New Zealand and four Australian National titles. He stopped throwing for 59 years until he found out about Masters Track & Field in 2013. Since then he has excelled throwing the top world mark each year. He is poised to be #1 2017 World Ranked in two age groups since he aged up earlier this year. He leads M85 by 7 meters and M90 by over 10 meters.

Ian strives to set new standards for younger throwers! Ian hopes he makes the M90 record tough enough that others must work harder to break. 29.52m is a nice start.

Ian and his beloved wife Iris.

Photo by George Sakkestad from 2015 The Mercury News article

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