Someone else is doing it so I do not have to – this is what so many athletes out there are saying to themselves. It will be sad if (aka World Masters Rankings) does not exist in 2018 because not enough athletes contribute and help ensure others know their support is needed.

33% of the funding needed by October 31 so the site can continue next year has been raised. This has come from 964 contributors (mostly athletes) – thank you so much for your support, generosity and encouragement. It will be easy to raise the funding needed if you ask your fellow competitors to contribute and encourage others to do the same.

Easy links to get contribute and get membership:

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What happened in Rankings this month
My 2016 rankings improved!
A wide variety of work gets done with the rankings each month.  The major tasks are:
  • Inserting performances & complete meet results (see By the Numbers)
  • Responding to emails & contact posts
  • Program improvements to webpages & meet result conversion/inserting tools
  • Make corrections
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing

Inserted performances and those that are not inserted are the most noticeable of all these – you notice the effect on your rankings!  Much progress was made with corrections this month (I held off on doing many until I confirmed the root cause was corrected). Corrections included combining duplicates and correcting nationalities, genders and age groups. The result of all this work is about 1,000 duplicate athletes & probably a few thousand results were removed.  There were also a few hundred performances with wrong age group and duplicates of the correct age group. The best performances for each athlete / year / season / event were also updated by deleting the rankings lists then restoring using the best from the complete performances lists. Consequently, some of your rankings may have improved without you improving your performance!  The rankings lists are the most accurate (least number of errors) than ever before.

Other progress in July:

All-Time Lists – much of the progress is not apparent. The corrections described above are extremely important for the All-Time lists because they progress integrating performances obtained from outside sources with MastersRankings’ athletes. Completing integration and automatically updating the lists is on schedule for this year.

More National Rankings – made significant progress developing means to efficiently prepare these for inserting into the rankings. Therefore, even more national rankings lists will be updated in the World Rankings lists on a monthly basis!!! Please email me with a link to any national rankings list – I may not be aware of it and can work on inserting them monthly too.

Plans for August
Inserting performances from national rankings lists
Like mentioned above, getting these into the rankings is quicker than ever. Therefore, I plan on inserting all the rankings I know of into the World Rankings this month so these are up-to-date. Please let me know where I can find national rankings lists and hopefully these can be updated by the end of August.

Get caught up with National Championship & WMA Regional results

There are several National Championships which I have either not yet inserted or do not know where to find results. Please submit results for any National or WMA Championship not currently in the rankings. Results for the EMA and NCCWMA championships will be inserted within 2 days of meet completion.

Ranked Athlete Spotlight

When I was born in 1960, it was already decided that I should be involved in athletics. My mother Tove Jensen was an athletics girl and was several times Danish champion in sprint and combined events. My father Poul Jensen was 800m and 1500m runner and always No. 2 after Gunnar Nielsen who in 1955 set world record on the 1500m run with 3.40.8 sec. So I have become a good mix of both of them.

Want to be featured in future Spotlights? Have a compelling or motivating story? We’d love to feature you. Email me @ with a little about you and your compelling story and I will send you a few questions to facilitate writing the article.
By the Numbers & Meet RByNumbersesults
Since Last Report:
  • 40,203 Performances Added (523 by Athletes)
  • Representing 19,532 Athletes from 89 Countries
  • 8,052 new athletes listed
Sample of Complete Meet Results Added:
Additionally, several thousand performances from France and Austrian Indoor rankings.
Notable Newly Entered Performances in the Rankings:
Note: all of these are links to the athletes’ profile, meet results in MastersRankings and the rankings list for this event (respectively)
Larry Hart, USA Usa Masters Games San Diego, USA 21.10 in M70 Weight Throw (16 Lb)
Eddie Betts, GBR Cto Clubes 1st Divisón, ESP 55.48 in M45 400 Meter Hurdles
Doug Torbert, USA USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, USA 16.18 in M65 Shot Put (5 Kg)
Sabra Harvey, USA USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, USA 20:51.33 in W65 5000 Meter Run
Dusan Prezelj, SLO Odprto Dp Za Veterane 2017, SLO 1.58 in M65 High Jump
Hatem Ghoula, TUN , CZE 41:18.0h in M40 10000 Meter Race Walk
Yolande Marchal, FRA , FRA 3:17.11 in W75 800 Meter Run
David Montieth, USA USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, USA 1.47 in M70 High Jump
Russell Jacquet-Acea, USA Salem Track Club Multi-Event Meet, USA 5317 in M60 Decathlon
William Collins, USA USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, USA 12.34 in M65 100 Meter Dash
Peter Oberließen, GER Deutsche Seniorenmeisterschaften, GER 2:06.26 in M55 800 Meter Run
Christel Donley, USA USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, USA 1.00 in W80 High Jump
Kay Glynn, USA Masters Combined Events National Championship, USA 1.30 in W60 High Jump
Marianne Maier, AUT , AUT 10.12 in W70 60 Meter Dash
Genevieve Cathalau, FRA Championnats de France Masters, FRA 10.68 in W75 Shot Put (2 Kg)
Kathy Bergen, USA USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, USA 1.19 in W75 High Jump
Buzz Porter, USA USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, USA 52.21 in M80 200 Meter Hurdles
Charly Perochon, FRA Deuxième Matinée Individuelle Masters, FRA 6.65 in M55 50 Meter Dash
Alex Florez Studer, SUI Campeonato Illes Balears, ESP 20:28.28 in M45 5000 Meter Race Walk
Karnell Vickers, USA USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, USA 57.91 in M50 400 Meter Hurdles
João Vieira, POR European Cup, CZE 1:22:42.0h in M40 20000 Meter Race Walk
Annelies Steekelenburg, NED Usa Masters Games San Diego, USA 1.21 in W65 High Jump
Francois Bontemps, FRA Chts 31-32-82 Ma Et Marche, FRA 23.39 in M50 200 Meter Dash
Hubert Mair, AUT , AUT 32.83 in M85 Hammer Throw (3 Kg)
Marie Astrid Monmessin, FRA , FRA 53:59.10 in W60 10000 Meter Race Walk
Unique medals, wonderful souvenirs (for everyone) and a great travel destination!Japan
Everyone is welcome – there are many reasons to attend the 38th All Japan Masters Championships.
City of Wakayama is a birth place of Japan masters track and field. The president of Japan Masters Athletics, Kiyoshi Konoike, founded the Japan masters athletics in 1977. After he competed at the 2nd World Masters Athletics in Sweden, Kiyoshi decided that he wanted to start masters track and field in Japan and promote as lifetime sport. His life’s work continues. With his passion and dedication, the City of Wakayama has hosted the national (and international) masters track and field championships four times.
Wakayama is a fantastic travel destination with great local products, like the very sweet Onshu tangerine and Kishu `umeboshi` (salted plums – recently, Dr. Oz show introduced that umeboshi is the great source of probiotics), plus Wakayama is the seafood lovers’ paradise!
  • Wakayama castle – The Tokugawa Shogun Family used to reside in this castle
  • Kimiidera – A Buddhist temple founded approximately 1,250 years ago. The stadium is located within the temple park.
  • Beautiful autumn leaves – October, when the championship will be held, is one of the most beautiful seasons in Wakayama. You will enjoy seeing leaves turn to autumn red and orange colors.
What:  38th All Japan Masters Championships
Where:  City of Wakayama, Wakayama Prefecture, JPN
When:  27 – 30  October 2017
More Info,  Registration & Schedule:  Click Here
Represent Your CountryWMA
Imagine standing on the medals podium and hearing your National Anthem

It is quite a feeling. The thrill of competing as part of your national team is not limited to those on the medal stand. It is an amazing experience at the officially recognized international competitions including making friends with people from all over the world and Olympic like competitions.

World Masters Athletics (WMA) is comprised of six regions, Africa, Asia, Europe, NCCWMA, Oceania and South America. Each region has championships (not necessarily contested each year) where athletes of all capabilities compete while representing their country. There is nothing like competing wearing your nation’s team uniform. Very special watching athletes receive medals, just like the Olympics, on medal stands while the gold medalist’s National Anthem is played. Most of the championships below welcome athletes from other regions.
2017 WMA Regional Championships:
Where: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
When: 25 – 27 August 2017 ( Register)
Where:  Jiangsu Rugao Olympic Centre, Rugao City, China
When: 24th – 28th September 2017
Dateline for submission of entry was 23 June, 2017
When: 27. July – 6. August 2017
When:  August 11-13
Registration:Click Here Entry Submissions Close on August 1
Where: Dunedin, New Zealand
When:  20 January 2018 to 27 January 2018
Where: Santiago, Chile
When: 06 al 12 de Noviembre
More Info:Click Here

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