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The following story is an illustration of the different ways all of us view this sport. Your comments on this or similar situations have ranged from “I hope I’d do the same” to “We are out there to compete and these things happen in our sport”. Regardless of what you would do, we all enjoy competing and MastersRankings is committed to enhancing your Masters Athletics’, aka Track & Field, experience.

Sportsmanship in Masters Athletics – What would you do?

Start, 50 meters, old guy division, 2016 Rocky Mountain Masters Games. Bobby Fischer started fine, but the guy to his left took a HARD fall early in the proceedings.

Bobby aborted his own race and went to his fallen comrades aid, very similar to what we saw Abbie D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin doing for each other in the Olympics 5k. Bobby stayed there at the side of his downed fellow, offering comfort and support.

After a long delay, Bobby was rewarded with a do over thanks to the compassionate race officials, and he ran a respectable 50 meter time trial, with fully automatic timing.

The other guy was not so fortunate, his hamstring had caused the whole thing, and was pretty bad, his glasses cut his face and he had a big scrape on his shoulder. He did not walk away, he was carted away. I hope he is all right, but at least he had support from a fellow athlete.

The same thing happened to me when I raced the same event (50 meters) at the Senior Games, the guy next to me tumbled. I, unlike Bobby, left that guy there to fend for himself. So well done, Bobby. You did the right thing. Maybe all that hiking on the Camino has made you a more compassionate being.

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