Many people reflect and look ahead as the year’s end approaches. I’ve reflected on the various reasons you’ve told me why you like, love or hate MastersRankings. This feedback is what inspires changes on the site. Reflecting has also helped me see what has been accomplished and, using that information, set higher goals for the coming year.
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MastersRankings 2016 & 2017

Finalizing Rankings Lists
Much progress has been made compiling these lists. 137% more performances were inserted this year than the last two years combined. It also takes much less time to maintain. All this means it is possible to complete the lists with a little more collaboration. You can help get the 2016 lists finalized quicker by either getting complete meet results to me or getting your national statistician to provide performance lists.  Contact me
The major difference in inserted performances this year was a result of a huge increase in collaboration. I am optimistic we can further develop these relationships so final 2017 rankings lists can be done by the end of February (and continue to do so every year). Hopefully, you can help me develop the relationships to gather most of the performances so we can finalize the 2016 lists by the end of February too.
The priority is gathering current meet results so the progressive lists are reasonably accurate and you know where you stand throughout the year. Accomplishing this will ensure that lists can be finalized within two months of the end of the season (end of year for Outdoor season). I still plan on, and am working on, gathering performances from as far back as 2013 so final World Rankings lists can be done for 2013 forward.
Slow Website
Ironically, the platform I chose for the site is not very compatible with the database intensive needs of this site.  Consequently, I will be revising the site and hope to have it all updated by the end of March.
Planned 2016 & 2017 Improvements
The Coming Features & Improvements page is where you can keep up-to-date on what is planned. All of the plans are inspired by your feedback so please Take the Survey so I know what is meaningful to you.

Ranked Athlete Spotlight

The extended feature in the past two newsletters has been very popular and it conveys the athlete’s story better.
Numbers since last newsletter:
  • 20,131 performances added (243 by athletes)
  • Representing 6,985 athletes from 132 countries
  • 1,614 new athletes listed
Complete Meet Results Added for (in order of number of perfomances):
Performance lists from IAAF, Poland and Austria were also inserted.
More Members’ Benefits
You have more features and can customize  the way the site works for you. I will make c hanges based on the feedback members give me as I stated when  the program was introduced. Feedback has been coming in and I make changes based on same so you should check those pages to see if they have changed.  For example, you can select event categories for your default rankings list.
Trial Features:
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Members’ Benefits May Change
Please take the Members’ Survey. Improvements and changes be made based on your feedback plus you will help me decide which features are only available to members. Your opinions will be used to decide which features are your benefits. The Rankings Advisory Board and I will review any responses received before December 31st.
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