It won’t take much to have up-to-date Rankings lists including everyone; have complete All-Time lists; expand news site and have 1-3 articles per day; have complete Upcoming Competition lists; everything else you have requested plus fund With your help, all of this will happen and your rankings site will flourish – we are so close. The next few weeks can be revolutionary for World Masters Rankings.

Let’s meet – find the shirt in Malaga

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Meeting you, national statisticians and WMA, WMA Regional & Affiliates representatives is an important step to significantly progress MastersRankings’ mission to serve you and our sport. The trip will be a huge success if more WMA Affiliates collaborate and provide database exports with performances and other similarly easy to insert plus people volunteer to further help insert complete meet results. Collaboration and trained volunteers will significantly increase the number of listed performances plus ensure the costs to maintain the site and lists is manageable.

Have a question? Want to learn how to convert and insert results? Want to see all the site’s features and find out how to quickly navigate? I will be in at the WMA Championships in Malaga, Spain from 6 September through 13 September. We can meet while I am there to discuss / work on anything you want. I will have tablets, a projector and a presentation with me. You can lookup rankings, view features and see how to quickly find anything in the system. The presentation includes a wide variety of things people have wanted to know so, hopefully, I will be well prepared to answer any question you have.

I will be wearing either the red or blue accented shirt with a big MastersRankings’ logo every day (and probably the “dorky floppy hat” as my daughters frequently say) in Malaga. Please introduce yourself when you see it – would love to meet you.

Link to Schedule – this will be a working link when I have a better idea where I will be when. Please feel free to contact me to arrange a meeting:

Call me: (IDD) 1 845 635 9487 (before Malaga)
Call me: (IDD) 1 845 489 7818 (in Malaga)
Call me on WhatsApp: (845) 489-7818

Enjoy World Masters Rankings – help it thrive

Photo by Lone Dybdal

Many know about “the rankings”. Based on site traffic, hundreds of thousands know about it. Many also know the invaluable asset MastersRankings is to our sport. Many do not know that only 2,730 individuals, WMA, Canadian Masters Athletics and USATF Masters have contributed to support our mission. Their generosity unfortunately has not covered the expenses to run the site – an unsustainable situation. You can change that!

World Masters Rankings Impacts Our Sport strives to list all performances from organized competitions run in accordance with WMA rules – list everyone. So many Masters Athletes say how much being listed and knowing how far they had to improve motivated them to try. Many say MastersRankings’ effect on them has been life changing.

Motivating people to be active and healthier is paramount for us but we do not stop there. We constantly seek to fill needs that benefit our sport and help WMA et all. Some things we take on start from people asking a question or making a statement. “It would be great to have meet records” sparked USATF SE Indoor Masters, Sierra Gold Masters Festival and USATF Masters Throws records pages (contact me about setting up your meet records page). We have worked with several organizations to analyze data, recognize award winners, promote competitions, right wrongs and much more. MastersRankings has visibility (averaging a minimum of 5,000 visitors per day), data (almost 1.7 million performances and growing every day), contacts (well over 10,000 – per our privacy policy, we do not share personal information),wherewithal and drive. All can and has been used to benefit our sport.

Help ensure thrives

A little over 1% of the listed athletes have contributed to World Masters Rankings – a site devoted to serving them! There are a number of ways the site would be sustainable (i.e. 5% of listed athletes, WMA Regions & Affiliates contribute). The long term goal is to sustainably fund using a mix of sponsorships, WMA et all contributions and Masters Athletes’ memberships (at much lower rate) & contributions. It should be easy to fund short term through voluntary contributions from WMA Regions & Affiliates plus increasing number of Masters Athletes’ memberships.

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