World Rankings – Year in Review

Over 1.5 million performances by over 200,000 athletes from 189 countries!

Actual numbers are here.It says a lot about how far this site has come. This site has been very much like re-building a bridge with almost constant traffic. Lists have been almost always available throughout the growth and development. There have been glitches and questions & corrections are not always addressed immediately but, looking at this site from a big picture perspective, many more athletes are served and lists are getting better and more accurate.

MastersRankings serves Masters Athletes and Masters Athletics

Our features are all conceived based on supporting you and filling the needs, supporting organizations enabling us to compete. I think of these as finding solutions to problems (how does MastersRankings fill needs, etc.?). With this in mind, our

  • Lists – athletes want to know how they are doing
    • Rankings – goal is to include all eligible performances so lists include all athletes and performances resulting in accurate, all-inclusive rankings lists.
    • All-Time – showing best performances ever. A work in progress that will change based on your feedback
      • What events should be listed?
      • How many performances should be listed?
      • What makes performances eligible?
    • Age Graded – showing performances in order of age grades.
    • Your Watchlist – keep track of your friends and competitors in one place.
    • All Performances – search, compare and analyze all 1.5 million + performances in the database!
    • Athlete Profiles – all the performances in MastersRankings’ database (click on an athlete’s name to view all their performances throughout the years they have competed)
  • Upcoming competitions – athletes need to know where they can compete
  • News – athletes want to know what’s going on
  • Athlete Bio – find out more about athletes.
  • WMA, WMA Region and WMA Affiliates – each, in my opinion, are essential for our sport. MastersRankings is committed to supporting them in any way we can so they can further ensure our sport thrives. This includes helping disseminate their messages (ie: NCCWMAUSATF MTF, IAAF), publicizing results (ie: WMA, NCCWMA, South America (in progress),USATF MTF) plus providing them data and tools.
  • Forums (coming in 2018) – forums have helped WMA Affiliate committees to fulfill their responsibilities and can clearly help athletes share.
  • Communicate with athletes (coming in 2018) -athletes can contact other athletes (athletes’ confidential information is not compromised as it is done through exclusive forum)

MastersRankings had over 5,000 visitors viewing over 30,000 pages per day in 2017 – we should use this popularity to help our sport.

Membership program saved World Masters Rankings

A relatively small percentage of correspondences since current lists were only available to members expressed outrage. It is understandable considering there is so much information available on the internet. The difference between Google and MastersRankings is one has much revenue to support vast resources while our sport relies on many volunteers. The amount of work needed to support this site cannot be done completely with volunteers and it takes much time to train volunteers plus there are business expenses. Contributions in 2014, 2015 and 2016 combined did not cover the cost to operate this site for 1 year but contributions due to the membership program in 2016 were more than all previous contributions combined. Total fundraising for 2017 is about 40% more than total raised in 2016. This site’s operational costs have not yet been raised but it seems like fundraising is going in the right direction!

Help ensure your rankings site thrives in 2018:

Mail any membership contribution (make checks payable to, Inc.) to:, Inc.
PO Box 624
Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

2017 Highlights

  • 350,000+ performances added
  • Exceeded 200,000 listed athletes and 1.5 million listed performances
  • Significant improvement to page loading speed
  • More responsive website (fully transitioned by the end of January)
  • Full Members’ access for everyone
  • Wider acceptance and financial support – teaser: announcements coming soon

Looking forward to 2018

MastersRankings’ viability and sustainability is brighter than ever! We are working on sustaining our work through a myriad of different sources including sponsors, WMA (regions & affiliates) and athletes. You can help MastersRankings thrive by getting more of the over 200,000 listed athletes to contribute (a little over 1% of listed athletes have contributed) and help champion our mission within major sponsors.

We are hopeful that many more WMA Affiliates will work with us so our real-time lists will be improved and athletes will benefit from our lists and features. The programs are almost all transitioned meaning the pages load much faster and we’ll be able to focus more on inserting results, news posts and responding to you. One of the problems caused by switching to the new platform was input forms didn’t allow certain letters. That is fixed but we still need to correct many names.

Photos by Jerzy Krauze and Ro Quesada. Thank you to all the photographers who support our sport.

7 Replies to “World Rankings – Year in Review

  1. I do not understand why only certain results in South American Championships are omited. For instance, these are results in 2000 steeplechase (november 9 2017):

    1 Belmar Zapata, Victor M60 Chile 7:31.50
    2 Perez Gonzalez, Itibel J M63 Chile 8:26.00
    3 Llanos Melussa, Eduardo M61 Chile 8:26.39
    4 Pereira, Jo?o Carlos M60 Brazil 8:37.71
    5 Vargas Aguilera, Mario M60 Chile 8:51.75
    6 Perez Valdez, Wilfredo E M62 Peru 8:56.15
    7 Cortadi, Miguel M61 Argentina 10:13.25

    1. Hello Eduardo, hope you are doing great. We are not finished inserting all the results yet. Sorry for the delay getting all posted. There are about 400 athletes’ performances left to insert.

        1. Hello Eduardo, hope you are doing great. Only 70% of the results from the subject meet have not yet been inserted. The remaining need my interaction and is on my very long to-do list so I will get to as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay. You can be listed quicker by submitting these yourself: Additionally, you can submit any performance from an organized competition run in accordance with WMA rules.

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