Yes, you can see the lists (and they change daily)!

The past week has been enlightening. People have called and emailed from all over with comments, questions, complaints, suggestions, requests and more. Thank you! Your communications trigger change, corrections and improvements. Communications also give valuable insights.

World Masters Rankings extends full access period

It seems like more time is needed for people to get the word. Several thousand people have visited the site over the past week but many are still not aware of how dynamically things improve and change. The full access period has been extended through December 8th so you can help make others aware and more people can see how the site works and benefits of membership (see below – click on each, they are links!). A message appears at the top of many of these pages but does not limit you from viewing the complete lists.

Improvements resulting from your comments, requests and suggestions

This site is built on data and we are focused on gathering as much as we can. We can easily make mistakes displaying the data, especially considering how much we are trying to do at once! This was demonstrated in the All-Time Best Performances lists where most of the data had been made compatible with MastersRankings’ system but it took us three more times, with your help letting us know, to display things properly. Sorry!!

Features and functionality you want are really important so please let us know how we can make this better for you. we added My Watchlist because an athlete requested it. Laini Invale asked if we could add the feature because he was tired of looking up Todd Davey all the time!

Please feel free to ask for anything.

This site is dedicated to serving all athletes, regardless of capabilities

There will be over 200,000 people and 1.5 million performances listed by the end of this year. Most do not appear on the default lists (but can be found quickly).MastersRankings is committed to all 30+ athletes and we will continue to make changes, including our policies, that benefit you and our sport. We’ve focused on including everyone because our sport is about inclusion and MastersRankings is committed to helping, motivating and compelling anyone 30+ to be active and healthier.

Therefore, we are always looking for ways we can further help our sport. Your thoughts, suggestions, requests and comments are welcome and appreciated.

Easy to find what you want – here’s how

We’ve tried to keep the clutter down and have intuitive links. Keep this in mind as it will help you navigate easily. Some examples (colored text are real example links):

  • All names are links to their profile (athlete profiles include their historical performances and contain links for year to year comparison). Hello Your Name! and Welcome Your Name are links to your profile.
  • Athlete profiles have less text than a month ago. Quick links appear on the right (for wider screens) or bottom (for smart phones and narrow screens) to access other year’s performances, awards, athlete’s bio and future features.
  • Age groups and events are links to respective lists – click on them and see what they do.
  • Competition information links to results in MastersRankings’ databases

All lists have pull downs from which you need to select. Make your selections then click the corresponding View button.

What happened to the daily news?

Daily news will continue soon. It seems more of you see posts if we leave them up for a few days plus some of you told us you need to get used to what we are doing. Consequently, we will ease into posting news and other interest articles.

Average visitor spent 7.5 minutes each time – support so this site can thrive

The thousands of visitors over the past week have spent an average of 7.5 minutes! Pretty big considering most spend 15 seconds on a website. Hope this is a sign we are doing things right. Please help us continue to serve our sport well by contributing (see below), sharing our site with others and asking them to contribute.

About Memberships (and other means to contribute)

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