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  1. Hi,

    When will the official results of the Worldwide Virtual Master Challenge be ready? I see the page was taken down and we’re lookingo forward to the results and diplomas.

    Thank you,

  2. Could not the virtual masters challenge be included some how in the mastersranking as this which had no change like me to compete in an official competition. We all belong to the same family masters athletics. Regards Hans Miekautsch

    1. Hello Hans, hope you, your family and friends are well and safe. I welcome ideas on how virtual competition performances could be included in Rankings. Rankings accuracy and integrity are paramount and virtual performances, especially Category C in Worldwide Virtual Masters Challenges, are not as accurate as competitions run by capable and knowledgeable officials. It is heartbreaking to reject performances (I have rejected many this year). I deeply empathize with everyone who cannot participate in bona fide competitions – I have been self-sequestered since March to keep my oldest daughter, who is vulnerable, safe (have only left this property three times).

      John Seto

    1. Hi John,
      I was looking thru the results of the masters challenge and to my surprise I found my name and a performance in Highjump and in Longjump which I have not done.
      I have no explanation how this results reached you. Can you please remove this from the result sheet.
      Kind regards
      Hans Miekautsch

  3. Salve, le liste non sono aggiornate, il mio risultato di 6″32 nel salto in lungo indoor non risulta.saluti

    1. Hello Stefano, hope you, your family and friends are well and safe. Congratulations on your fine performance. Please go to the rankings site, click on Submit Results (https://www.mastersrankings.com/submit-performances/) then complete the form. Your mark will be instantly updated and your performance will be added to your profile. Your rankings numbers on your profile will be updated within 24 hours (automatically updated once a day).

  4. I trained hard for the July/August virtual challenge and had track savvy friends time my performance to meet the standard for grade b category (hand time adjusted by adding .24 seconds to their stop watch time.) I feel I had an honest hand-timed performance and now get no recognition on the master list. Why did I pay and perform for this if it doesn’t count? Disappointed.

    1. Hello Dom, hope you, your family and friends are well and safe. Sorry you are disappointed. People participated in the Worldwide Virtual Masters Challenge for many reasons. One was to compete in a legitimate worldwide championship. You can honestly say that you were the Worldwide Virtual Masters Challenge Champion in 400m.

      It is of paramount importance to MastersRankings to compile lists with integrity so our policy for performance eligibility in the official Rankings need to be from pre-organized competitions which have capable officials ensuring all WMA and USATF rules are followed.

  5. Hello John, since all of us are still training when it is very hard when you have not have had a track meet for over a year and now looking to August I hope for the next event. If even then. Until we can jump or throw or run in an a event or virtual meet April, is it possible to have our ranking with an asterisk by our name, no number just name and results. Just a thought and I do know why your doing what your doing? cheating is a problem but I hate to think us old farts are cheating. I am like the rest, I agree with you but these are different times.
    K. Barry

    1. So sorry, Barry. I must not have clicked Reply on my response to you on Monday. Hope you, your family and friends are well and safe. It is a good idea but not something easy to do. I would have to create a different page so there is no confusion with the official Rankings lists, program or modify program to allow non-rankings-eligible performances and possibly create a new database table. I have too many to-dos related to corrections and other things important for Rankings. Right now, those are a priority but I may change my mind if the void for athletes is prolonged.

  6. My country does not have provinces and that section stumps me each time I try to register. How then to register

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