Rob Jerome’s Virtual Masters Challenge Photography Contest

Update:  Due to popular demand, I am expanding my photography contest to include entries from the USATF Masters Summer Virtual Challenge as well as the Worldwide Virtual Masters Challenge.  This update to the rules reflects this expansion of eligible entries to encompass both Challenges.

As most of you know, I have been photographing Masters Track and Field for over 15 years. Many of you are familiar with my work through Facebook, where I use the name “Rob D’Avellar.” My work appears primarily in National Masters News, but it has been used by many other news media as well. I am a professional photographer, but I have never charged for any of my Masters work. It is my gift to the Masters community in exchange for all the wonderful friendships around the world I have made over the years.

We are living in particularly stressful times.  The pandemic has put the Masters world on hold, and I am saddened by the fact that I will not be able to photograph my athlete friends in national and international competitions this year.  I applaud the organizers of the Worldwide Virtual Masters Challenge and the USATF Masters Summer Virtual Challenge to keep the sport alive.   I encourage participation in both of these events.

Since I cannot photograph the Challenge in person, I am sponsoring this contest to encourage participants to share their Challenge efforts through photography.  Contest entries may appear in National Masters News and other outlets.  I am also offering the cash prizes described below.

I look forward to the day when we all can be together again in a stadium.

Contest Rules:

  1. Photographs must be of athletes entered in the Worldwide Virtual Masters Challenge or the USATF Masters Summer Virtual Challenge.  The images must be taken during the time period prescribed for the competitions:   July 18 to August 2 for the Worldwide Virtual Masters Challenge and August 3 to 17 for the USATF Masters Summer Virtual Challenge.
  2. Prizes will be awarded to the photographer of the image, not the subject athlete in the photo.  First place will be $500; second place $250, third place $125.
  3. Each entry must be attached to a separate email.
  4. Photographers may submit to up to 5 JPEG images per athlete subject per Challenge.  For example, if a photographer has shot 3 different athlete subjects in a single Challenge, the photographer may submit up to 15 images, or 5 images for each of the 3 athletes.  If those same 3 athletes compete in both Challenges, the photographer may submit up to 30 images, or 5 images for each of the 3 athletes in the first Challenge and 5 images for each of the 3 athletes in the second Challenge.
  5. The email for each entry must include the following information:
    1. Name of the photographer
    2. Email address of the photographer
    3. Name of the Challenge (either Worldwide Virtual Masters Challenge or USATF Masters Summer Virtual Challenge)
    4. Name of the athlete who is the primary subject of the photograph
    5. Name of the event
    6. Result of the event (for example, time, distance, height, etc.)
    7. Date of the event
    8. Location of the event
  6. The filename of each image must include the last name of the photographer and a sequential number in 3-digit format.  For example:  if a photographer named Smith submits 3 entries, the filenames of the images should be labeled Smith 001, Smith 002, Smith 003.   This single numerical sequence should be used per photographer regardless of the number of different athlete subjects in the images or whether one or both of the Challenges is represented in the images.
  7. Each email entry with attached image should be sent to  The deadline for all entries is September 1, 2020.
  8. I will judge the entries on the basis of visual impact and technical excellence.  “Best image” is a subjective concept.  The winners will be “my favorite images.”  I will determine the winners by September 30, 2020.
  9. By submitting the images, the photographer agrees that the images may be used in news media, such as National Masters News or No image will be used in commercial advertising.
  10. Failure to follow these rules may result disqualification.  Questions may be addressed to me, Rob Jerome, at  This contest is not affiliated with USATF or WMA.  I am the sole arbiter of this contest and all decisions are final.

3 Replies to “Rob Jerome’s Virtual Masters Challenge Photography Contest

  1. Wow! Thanks Rob for selecting me as subject for your lead off photo. Of course in my biased opinion a great shot😀!!! I’m entered to defend my current # 1 world ranking M75 pole and 8 other events including hurdles, sprints and my first decathlon. I’ll send photos. Great program and I look forward to seeing the results.

  2. Very cool. I’m putting on a meet this weekend and usually take photos, so I’ll be sure to submit some if any of them turn out well. Thanks for doing this, Rob!

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